We Help Homeowners Prevent Foreclosure
& Delay Trustee Sale Dates
...Offering a Variety of Viable Solutions Dependent on Your Situation
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Prevent Home Foreclosure and Delay Trustee Sale Dates

American Foreclosure Relief is chartered to help Distressed Property Owners Prevent Foreclosure and Maintain Their Home Ownership.


How Does OUR AFR TEAM Work With You?

The process is simple:

  1. Contact AFR Today and Let Us Know of Your Trustee Sale Date and Current Situation.
  2. Our Legal Team will Sift through the Details of Your ongoing Foreclosure.
  3. Our Legal Team will immediately initiate challenges to the Trustee to ultimately Delay the Sale of your Home.
  4. Upon Delay of Your Sale Date we will charge you a small flat fee and begin the negotiation process with the Bank to help you maintain your home.


Why Use American Foreclosure Relief Team?

Both our legal team and real estate agents focus their energies solely on helping homeowners maintain their properties while concentrating on the tough issues with the banks. Then, creating viable solutions for both parties, and in the end, negotiating for a positive result for our client.


About Our AFR Team?

Our foreclosure prevention legal team specializes in quickly preventing foreclosures.

Our team understands real estate law and how the legal system can be utilized to halt foreclosure and turn the responsibility back on the banks and trustees for their missed steps.


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Don't Risk Being Foreclosed On. You have Options.

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